Property Management Services

As a major builder in the New York metropolitan area with decades of experience, Jobco has constructed residential developments we still own today. Our team uses the same set of criteria when managing properties for property owners we would use if we owned the buildings or residential developments ourselves. We know how to manage property – and we manage your property as if it’s our own.

JMI Management Company, Inc., a related company of Jobco, provides a full range of property management services for residential and commercial properties. Our staff experience and expertise accommodate a wide variety of property management requirements and we call upon our vast industry experience to deliver seamless property management solutions. We specialize in income-producing residential real estate and subsidized residential properties.

Business Plan Development and Execution

Jobco works with our clients to develop business plans and make the key decisions that will help them reach their ultimate goal of maximizing cash flow and increasing the net value of their investments. From accounting to maintenance issues, we develop a customized business plan for each property and execute it.

Whether managing an apartment complex, office building, medical facility, senior housing development, or condominium, JMI provides property owners with financial performance reports, frequent property inspections, timely financial statements, risk management reports, capital improvement recommendations and preferred pricing for all out-sourced vendor services.

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